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The Power of Prayer, The Promise of God..

Hi friends, I had the chance to write a blog entry again!
I want to share with you how can prayer and faith changes everything on me.
I’ve been a messed, I’ve been in a situation that I almost lost myself, I became a rebel, I became slave of money.
It started when I was working at Himlayang Pilipino as Helpdesk Analyst and aim for higher income, I met a guy
who became my friend and Invited me to join in a network marketing business, others called it networking, to make the story short, I joined, I invited my college friends and they joined too, I earned and recognized, Until one day I almost lost control of my finances, You know being in a group of “network marketers” you have to have coffee at “Starbucks” eat at expensive resto and everything, I lost time for my boyfriend, I broke up with him.
in the other hand I enjoyed and leave my job, yes! I’ve resigned. until one day I woke up there’s nothing left in me, No job and no money, but at least I have my credit card. I used it until I can no longer pay for it. I hide it from my parents, I don’t want to be a burden after all. I prayed and prayed and ask for guidance of God, I prayed to find a new job, I ask for his forgiveness.

I remember I will have my back pay to start a new life,I waited for it just to find out that the company will not give it to me for accusing me that I didn’t finish my turn over, but in my mind I had it done. I can say that I done it, all turn over documents, but you know maybe I had also short comings. but then I let it go for a while I have no time to argue with them.

I remember I have savings in my “Piggy Bank” I used it to search for a Job, I tried to apply as a Math teacher in Alpha Angelicum and luckily I got a job.(thank you Lord for answered prayers).
I enjoyed being with the students but I missed the corporate environment, I learned also that being a teacher is a profession not a job, I can tell you that being a teacher is no joke, after about months of being a teacher I search again for a new job to gain back my career in I.T industry,I found Strategic Networks Inc, an outsourcing firm, After a series of interview and unforgettable sets of exam, I passed and they deployed me in ZPC, I promised to myself that I will give my best shot in this job, They only gave me a 2 months contract because they need to test me before they can give me a 1 year contract, so as like what I have said I will give my very best shot.

My boss in ZPC are very satisfied with my performance,so Stratnet decided to extend my contract and gave me a salary increase.I was so happy that time. I thank the Lord for the blessings! until one day I decided to get a permanent job, I think my knowledge I gained from ZPC is enough to take me to the next level. I prayed for a noble and reputable job. I never stop praying for that, Until one day my friend in BDO ask me if I want to apply for an I.T position and I said yes! she pass my resume, I got interviewed by HR, Had exam, And undergo series of interviews. Luckily I had the job!

But there is one problem, They will conduct a background check, They are asking my COE at himlayang pilino which I know that this is a big problem! they will conduct credit checking. For credit checking I just told it to my mother to pay it for me and I will pay her in installment so I could clear my outstanding balance. For the COE and for background checking in my previous job,I need to tell it to HR what really happened. I chose to tell the truth and gave the contact number of my previous boss,for which I know will give me a bad feedback. HR called me and told me what happened and maybe the hiring process will not continue, She said for that it is the hiring manager who will decide if they will still accept me, I was devastated, unloved by our Lord, I felt hopeless, I know I have the right to claim my COE and so I called DOLE and filed SENA, which HPI failed to showed up in the meeting,they fooled me because they told to the arbiter via phone that they will give me my COE because thats my right
but you know they did not give it to me and again I filed SENA again this time I told them what they did to me, so the office called HPI office and again same old story. If I want to pursue a case I should file it to DOLE pampangga office but with that I will be needing a lawyer which I could not afford.

After so many nights of thinking what to do,I got sick and called the Lord again.

I prayed to Lord to give me strength, I lift it all up to him,I trust him, I said to myself that I will stop chasing that COE since that is just only a paper( I could prove my employment to them through SSS and job contract I signed with them) I said to myself, everyday is a brand new day I can start all over again. Next day I woked up feeling great.

The next day the HR of BDO told me that if I can give her another character reference, I said yes! my present employer, I gave my immediate supervisor contact number so they conduct a background check and my boss told it to me he said that he gave a fair feedback so I don’t have to worry.Its okay with him, because he knew from the start that I’m applying for a new job,And so one day BDO called me and ask me if I can start by December 2013 I said no because I shall comply with the 1 month notice, I’m so very very happy that moment! I rush to the comfort room and I prayed, I thank the Lord.
I called my mother and told it to her and she was very happy for me too, because finally I’ve moved on, and until now I’m still with this company until now I don’t have my COE. I let it go,You know its so and hard to walk with lots of baggage, I prayed for the Lord to heal my broken heart and all my anger be vanished,it took so long for me for my anger to fade but I noticed that days and months had passed, I learned to love again, forgive and let go of my anger. I started to live life with our Lord. If I’m experiencing hardships and trials I will just pray and believed with his promise.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

You know how powerful prayer and faith is? It can change a bad situation into good! It can move mountains!

This is my first picture at BDO!

2013-02-25 20.04.11



Wisdom Tooth Extraction by Dr. Charlston Uy

Hi today I want to share with you about my impacted tooth operation or odentectomy.First why should this be extracted.In my case,it was impacted! I have 2 wisdom teeth that needs to be remove.. OMG!… Actually I know this since before they put my braces on, but since I’m so scared to undergo operation and I don’t have the budget that time because I’m still on my college, I didn’t bother to have it remove until this year August 2014, I experienced the excruciating pain.I knew that odentectomy is expensive, I tried to research for a reputable and affordable clinic and I’m so lucky to found Dr. Charlston Uy via female network. After doing the research and gather all my courage, I decided to face my fear. I went to his clinic just to have my Panoramic X-Ray which cost 500 pesos,its so cheap compared to other clinics that our dental card provide. It usually range from 1000 to 1500. Dr. Charlston is so handsome! promise! The clinic is so nice and clean and staff are so accommodating. A while after, He explained to me what will going to happen and  the cost. He charge me 5000 pesos only for each tooth,then I set an appointment for the operation.He advice that one at a time. August 20, 2014 me and my boyfriend went to clinic to have it remove.. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time because of knowing the feeling that the pain will now be gone its a relief, but thinking that tooth will be cut into pieces and cutting your gums! I may die! Lol !

Operation day…

I arrived at 5pm in the afternoon and there were so many patient at that time but since I set an appointment they immediately attended me, His assistant led me to a separate room with chandelier.The room is very relaxing but seeing the chair! huhuhu…Ok enough with drama!He explained again to me what will going to happen.He will inject the anesthesia,it will be a bit painful but tolerable, then we will wait for it to take effect, once  okay he will now cut my gums and cut my teeth in 2 pieces and after that the stitch. the operation took 20 mins, I didn’t experienced any pain ang gaan ng kamay nya.After the operation I took the pain reliever and for blood forgot the name,My medicine cost around 1500 ang mahal ng antibiotics.He advice me to take 5 days rest and soup diet for 3 days.. I got empty pocket but the brighter side 1 impacted tooth done.. 1 to go.. Yehey but up to now I still have it, I’m still saving my VL for my Palawan trip this year!

Dr.Charlston Uy
Oral Surgeon


After 5 days….
Babawi ako!!! Thank you Lord! I survived!

And the best part