Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur DIY backpacking trip (Laoag to South Pagudpod)

Time check its 10:45PM (Philippine time), when suddenly I remember that I need to write a blog that will help my fellow filipino and foreign friends to do their backpacking trip in Ilocos, Like any other traveler, I rely on reading blogs in making my itinerary and budget for the trip,Making a backpacking trip is not easy as buying expensive package tour, you need to have time in doing some research for the places and things that you need in making the trip possible,Oh men you gotta love the pressure!

Below are the summary of our wonderful and unforgettable backpacking trip

February 16,2015 we went to Partas bus station at 8:30PM to catch the bus trip schedule at 9:00PM, It was a first class bus, upon sitting to their FC bus, I was not comfortable since it was our first time to experience a long hours of bus ride, we are worried if we can bear with it,so we decided to ride on their deluxe bus, We upgraded our FC ticket(PHP700) to deluxe for 200 plus additional, Ouch for a backpacker like us!
10:30PM Cubao-8:30 AM Laoag –9 hours of long bumpy ride, I cant sleep because its too bumpy. their are only 1 stop over forgot the place.

8: 30 AM when we reach Partas Laoag station, We rush into the comfort room to cleaned ourselves and change clothes to start our walking tour, we didnt get a hotel or hostel in Laoag, but if you want affordable hotel, check the Texicano hotel, I saw this one in Laoag city proper, the location is great.

We rode tricycle from Laoag Partas terminal to city proper(php40.00/tricycle).
ate our breakfast at Mcdonalds then start our walking tour

The cheapest tricycle tour offer we stumble is 500 pesos, Inclusive of Paoay Church,Malacanang of the North, Sand Dunes,fort Ilocandia and Laoag city tour regular price is 800 pesos. we opt not to get it since we want to experience the place like locals.

Walking Tour starts now


Ilocos Museum


Laoag Capitol


From there you may visit the sinking bell tower, but unfortunately I dont have picture.

From Ilocos Museum, ride a bus going to Marcos Museum, P25.00 ask the driver to drop you at Marcos Museum.
pay the entrance fee (40.00) explore Marcos Museum

from Marcos Museum we chartered tricycle(300.00) to go to Paoay Church, Fort Ilocandia and malacanang of the North,we skipped Sand Dunes because its too hot and were tired already.
we ate lunch at Cafe Herencia.

after the Laoag tour, next is Pagudpod Tour, It has a north and south pagudpod

from Laoag City we rode a jeep going to Pagudpod (Php70.00/each). We didnt have any reservation at homestay because I knew that it was not peak season so we could choose the cheapest homestay in the Saud beach area,I ask the conductor to drop us at tricycle terminal going to Saud then he became aggressively offering us to text his friend and pay Php150.00, I was so sure that it was not 150 pesos so I declined his offer, I didn’t know that a lady behind us heard that we are going to saud she asked us and offer her place for 300 pesos /night/pax, but I said that our budget is only 250 pesos, then she said that 250 is fine and she will pay also the tricycle from terminal to Saud since she is also going there. we accepted her offer. we arrived at Saud beach at 8:00PM

We were not expecting the place to be so clean and decent because of the price, Our room is equipped with aircon, heater and cooking utensils and yes,you may cook, we stayed at Nilens homestay.

They have boarders in the homestay who happened to be the engineers of windmills, They are so cool and kind, welcome us with warm smiles, we ate our dinner and took a rest.

Day 2, We ate breakfast together with the boarders of ate Nilen, We didnt have food that time but they asked us to join in their breakfast, filipinos are so hospitable, they treated us like we are they long lost friends! after we ate and washed the dishes, we are now ready for Saud beach bumming.

entrance fee at Saud beach is 20.00 for local and 40.00 pesos for Foreigner.

Pristine water.


South Pagudpod Tour-(Bangui Windmills,Kapurpurawan,Burgos Light house)

From Saud we rode tricycle going to bus terminal(40.00 pesos)Bus to Bangui (P20.00 pesos)upon reaching Bangui there are alot tricycle that offer tour from Bangui price is 200 pesos just for windmills, we didn’t accept the offer since its too expensive for us, so we opt to walk and ask other local what will be the price and they just said 80.00 pesos, OMG price of locals differs from price of tourist I’m so determined to walk 1km going to windmills, but someone offered us a motorcycle ride for just 50.00 pesos each, we grabbed the offer.


from Bangui, we rode bus(10.00) to reach kapurpurawan, but you need to ride tricycle to see the majestic view of rock formation, it cost 200 pesos again, but this time its a 4Km walk we opt to walk again, we just started to walk when suddenly from department of tourist post guard approached us and said that it will be too far I said that we don’t have enough money to charter a tricycle, the he offered us a free ride and the best part of it was he even let me choose what vehicle to use motorcycle or a car, I was surprised and just said motorcycle will be okay! Whoo! I didn’t expect it to be easy..

Upon reaching the kapurpurawan he told us that just text him if we where about to leave since they cant leave their post for long to wait us in exploring kapurpurawan. before you reach the rock formation you may hire a horse for 200 pesos or walk 500m

We just taking pictures of the other side of kapupurwan when a man approached us and ask if we like to hire a horse and I said that no thank you, we don’t have enough money “AGAIN” then I was surprised that he offered his horse for free!!I don’t know what is happening but I get it for free!

We texted kuya Rene so he could fetch us, Then he said that we are going to burgos light house? and I said yes.I will gladly tour you there, OMG another free ride from Kapurpurawan to Burgos light house.
after we toured the Burgos light house they drop us on a bus terminal going to pagudpod and said goodbye to each other,they were so kind and told us that I hope our path crossed again.I said thank you and I owe a lot from you, I had a great time in your place.

Rode bus from burgos to Pagudpod( 30.00/each) and tricycle back to Saud.

With very kind Kuya Rene

Free Horse back riding


Time to rest, will be posting the North Pagudpod and Vigan tour soon 🙂


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