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My First Hiking Bag

Before having my first deuter rucksack, Im using the very colourful ordinary Jansport bag, I was very satisfied with this bag.

Below is the picture of my beloved bag


I felt there’s no need for a rucksack until on the spot trekking happened. My back ached alot and It feels hot!
Im not fond of trekking that’s why having a good backpack is not necessary for me, Until one day my sister ask me to join her in backpacking in Ilocos Norte we did a lot of walking with our backpacks on,(That’s why its called backpacking right??!),This two incident made me think to buy my first rucksack, Until one day the Lord blessed me with another trip to Davao! I dont want to experience again the excruciating pain on my back,so before my next trip I bought Deuter ACT Trail 28 liter SL for 5300 pesos plus! I forgot the exact price.

Its not bulky, so perfect for a women!


It has a top opening


and front opening for easy access.


It has an aircool technology


With pole holder, But I use it for selfie stick.. 🙂


It has a rain cover and a lot of pockets to organized your things, Overall I was so happy with this bag because of Air Cool Technology 🙂